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Red Neck Jokes

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Funny Free Red Neck Jokes

Redneck sayings

-That there bacon comes with the biscuits and gravy?
-Look - they got a picture of Elvis on the back of the sh*tter!
-Junior, you ready for the daily rat-shoot?
-That's the biggest raccoon I ever done seen!
-Whoo hoo! Pork and beans again.
-Excuse me, officer, you been doin some drinkin'?
-Spam's on sale again, honey!
-Pass me that there tattoo gun, Jake.
-Wrestling's on again!
-That there old water heater is gonna make the perfect belt buckle!
-Ya mean ta tell me the blocks come with the truck?
-Get yer pappy a nice glass of moonshine fer his dinner.
-Of course, sir, the passenger seat gun rack comes standard on every model.
-Lookie here - free shirts and they already got the holes.
-There ain't even no lock on this here junkyard.
-These all mesh hats are the best thing ever done happened to me.
-Well, ya see, the kids tend to take care of themselves.
-Which 24 hour nudie bar we gonna hit tonight, Jed?


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