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Funny Little Johnny Jokes

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Free Funny Little Johnny Jokes

Today was little Johnny's birthday.
He decides to behave in school so he wouldn't get flogged. He gets to St. Marges and goes through his first five classes behaving. All of the nuns were super impressed; even told him so.

He comes to his final class of the day and thinks,
'OK, I've been good all day, now get though this forty minutes and I'm home free.'

Mother Superior, the witch herself, he thought. He stayed alert and answered ever question effectively; even Mother was impressed and told him so.

Five minutes before the class ended Little Johnny's eyes got heavy and he nodded out for a second.

"Little Johnny" Mother Superior exclaimed. "Time to go to the discipline room"
"No Mother! Please, I really tried to behave."
"I know," she replied; "But rules are rules."

So he follows her to that dreaded room. She then tells him. "You know, you are now twelve years old and at the age of accountability, so your punishment will be different this time trousers down, young man!"

So as he pulls his pants down, and he happens to glance back and passes out because of what he saw.

Little Johnny awoke to his mother's concerned voice in the nurses' office.

"What happened Little Johnny?"
"Mother Superior was gonna flog me."
"Yes, so why did you pass out?"
"S-- S-- She put a- a- belt on?"
"So!!!" His mother was getting upset with him.
"B-- B-- B-- But, it had a long wee-wee like daddy."


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