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Two little boys were at school and heard the word "penis" while they were playing on the school yard.

One asked the other if he knew what a penis was. The kid said he didn't know but would ask his dad when he got home.

That evening, the little boy asked his dad, "Dad, what's a penis?"

His dad said," Son, I'll not only tell you, I'll show you".

So they go into the bathroom. His dad lowers his pants and proudly announces,"Son, that's a penis. Not only is it a penis, but it's a perfect penis!"

The next day at school the little boy finds his friend and they go to the bathroom together.

The boy lowers his pants and says, "See that? That's a penis." He pauses for a moment and adds, "Not only is it a penis, but if it were two inches shorter, it would be a perfect penis."


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