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There once was this unsatisfied housewife. She was unsatisfied with her husband's dick cumming so fast, so she went to a herbal store (she thought).

The store was a voodoo store, she told the store keeper what was wrong. The store keeper gave her a wooden dick, it was called voodoo dick. The man told her "in order to use this you must command it by saying Voo Doo Dick my....." she says OK.

She goes home and says voodoo dick my pussy, the fuckin' dick goes ape shit and tears through her underwear, she immediately cums over and over again. After a couple of hours her pussy started bleeding, she can't stop it. Then she screamed "Voodoo Dick stop." It doesn't stop. So she's going back to the store for help. She's driving along like a fucking retard because of voodoo dick.

A cop pulls her over and says "Are you fuckin handicapped, do you know how to drive?"

She replies "No, its voodoo dick!"

The cop replies, "Voo Doo Dick My ASS!"

The housewife drives away and says "thank you."


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